Cheap Destination Weddings

Tying the knot overseas can be the perfect way to have the wedding you want, with the people you love most without the headaches of expensive fees. Cheap destination weddings, especially those in South East Asian countries allow you to have beautifully styled weddings at luscious resorts in ideal weather conditions. The nature of destination weddings means that fewer guests will make the arrangements to travel for your wedding unless they are close relatives or friends to both you and your fiancé. This allows you to plan not only a fabulous destination wedding but also a memorable trip with those nearest and dearest to you!

Just north of Australia lies a hidden cheap destination wedding gem; East Timor or Timor-Leste. With all the delights of other South East Asian destinations but minus the swarms of tourists East Timor is one of many top destination wedding locations.

Rivalling Bali as one of the best locations for inexpensive destination weddings, East Timor offers pristine beaches, glorious mountain ranges and blissful serenity. The friendly natives in this melting pot of cultures only add to the welcoming environment of this island paradise.

Quieter than its South East Asia counterparts, East Timor offers stress free and affordable destination weddings in the ultimate setting. There are a range of activities and experiences that your guests can undertake to keep them entertained during their stay. Ensuring your wedding will be a memorable affair for all.

There are many aspects to consider when planning affordable destination weddings and one of the most important is to find the perfect backdrop, and East Timor is just that. The island is a natural wonder with mountains, tropical rainforests, grassy plains and coral reefs all to be found and explored. Old architecture and monuments also provide character and remnants of Portuguese culture to marvel at. The beautiful landscapes and new resorts will offer an ideal setting for a destination wedding with all the trimmings minus any expensive fees. Popular and potentially crowded tourist destinations such as Bali or Fiji may charge more due to the laws of supply and demand. East Timor however offers the same beauty as these destinations with an unspoiled essence as it is still developing its city and tourism hub.


Dili, the capital and largest city in East Timor is in the process of developing into a modern city with accommodation hot spots and restaurants continuing to pop up. With an emerging nightlife of bars and nightclubs that allow you and your guests to let your hair down pre or post wedding without running into a gaggle of tourists, Dili is the place to be.

Beyond Dili, Baucau is the second largest town in East Timor. Boasting breathtaking beaches, Baucau recently opened stunning accommodation which emphasises the very best in service and food. Another must see is Atauro Island which presents an enticing island getaway with an infectious relaxed atmosphere. On land there are many cultural adventures to be had in East Timor from plentiful markets to scenic walking trails, while off land there are tons of fun water activities and beautiful crystal clear waters to explore.

It is recommended that you travel to East Timor during the dry season which takes place between the months of May and November to experience warm but pleasant temperatures. This time of year is thus the perfect time to travel to East Timor for a picturesque seaside destination wedding as little rain will fall in this period.

So if you’re looking into cheap destination weddings then be sure to consider East Timor for its unspoiled beauty.